Choosing the right transportation mode for your vehicle is a major decision. You would want a medium that safety and affordably takes your vehicle to the destination. With the development of rail lines in various major cities, this mode of transportation has become very popular.

In this article, we will tell you more about this shipping method and its features.

About Car Shipping Via Rail

There are different ways to transport your vehicle from one location to another. The commonest ones being a trailer, international shipping, through a ship and rail. Car shipping via train is often the most overlooked mode, but it offers the benefits of safety, cost-efficiency, and ease.

Shipping your vehicle via rail is commonly used transportation in China, the USA, Europe, and Russia. Freight trains can carry several kinds of cargo that include vehicles, freight containers, grains, coal, minerals, metals, livestock, etc. Here are a few things that you need to consider when choosing auto transport via rail.

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Different Types of Rail-Based Auto Transportation

There are two types in which the rail transportation of your vehicle can happen. This is via enclosed transport or open transport.

  • Open transport service is cheaper but exposes your vehicle to the elements, that includes dust, bugs, and dirt.
  • Enclosed transport service, on the other hand, ships your vehicle keeping it enclosed all the trains. This option offers complete protection to cars. It is ideal for users who plan to transport luxury cars or classic cars.

Benefits of Rail Transportation

Rail transportation isn’t for everyone, but some of the advantages that it can offer are:

  • This type of communication is cost-effective than other shipping via a transport truck.
  • Environment friendly due to a low carbon footprint.
  • Covers major route in the US and Canada
  • Beneficial transportation process in landlocked nations internationally.
  • Provides completely enclosed transport mode.

Drawbacks of Rail Transportation

Rail transportation also provides certain disadvantages, that includes:

  • you need to haul the vehicle to the rail station and pick it from the destination station by yourself.
  • shipping time is more than what it takes when you ship via truck
  • beneficial only for long distances.
  • may include more documentation and red tape.
  • Users who do not live in a metropolitan city may need to take the support of other transportation services

Other Shipping Options

If you stay in an area, where rail services are not present, then you can choose road transportation. It is ideal for customers who want to shop dry goods, flowers, fruits, groceries, etc. throughout continents and nations using road freight.


The rail option is best suited when you want to transport your car internationally. It is an ideal transportation mode for environmentally-conscious people who are looking for cheaper transport services. It also proves to be a convenient, and safe way to ship your car from one place to another.

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