If your vehicle is on the road, then there are chances of collision in some or the other way. There are many scenarios wherein you cannot avoid collision. It can be on your part or due to negligent driving by a third party. You will have to pull your vehicle for collision repair in Shreveport, Louisiana as Brock’s Collision Centre has over 40 years of experience in repair of all kinds of local as well as foreign vehicles.

To correct the collision, you need to take the service of the specialist so that your car is back on the roads in complete working condition without any break down while driving. The most common repairs done when your vehicle collides are generally body shop repairs as below:

Front-end repairs

This type of repair is required when the collision occurs due to immediate braking of front vehicles, losing control while applying emergency braking and similar such issues. The front-end collision is very dangerous to live. Depending on the intensity of the collision, the below components are affected.

  • Engine parts
  • Front bumpers
  • Interiors such as bonnet

Even if it is a minor collision, you need to consult the body shop repairs since internal damages won’t be detected by the naked eyes. You must approach a known repair shop in Shreveport who can take care of all the formalities right from the paperwork to pulling your vehicle to his shop.

Back-end repairs

As per traffic experts study, the major causes of body shop repairs occur on back-end repairs as a result of distracted driving, traffic congestion, mechanical failures or other unexpected events. The major parts affected are

  • Vehicle transmission components resulting in rough shifting, poor acceleration.
  • Leaking transmission fluid
  • Vehicle trunk damage
  • Failing locking mechanism,
  • Damage to the storage compartment,
  • Water seepage and similar.

Electrical damage

A collision whether major or minor can affect the working of an electrical internal wiring system leading to the failure of the battery, ignition lock, starter, sound systems, besides external damage of the components such as headlights, tail lights, brake lights, etc.

Frame bending

Though the frames act as supports for the bumpers, there are chances of exhaustive damages due to the heavy impact collision. Any type of bend should not be ignored since it leads to safety hazards.

Mis-aligned wheels

Due to collision, there is a misalignment of wheels resulting in uneven driving especially in high speeds, improper control on the steers, unusual vibrations. If your car keeps running without alignment, it might also lead to premature wear and tear of the tires.


The common repairs are the dents that are often caused due to negligent handling and parking, vandalism, etc. The dents can be a DIY project provided you don’t lead to paint damage further as it can completely ruin your car’s look. In such cases, you will have to pay a hefty price for your experiment.


The painting is required whether it is a small dent or complete renovation due to collision. To maintain your car value and look, cosmetic uplifting must be done through shop painting at Shreveport.

Thus, keeping your car in the right shape is of utmost importance and you should choose right body shop to do the comprehensive work.

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