Applying a ceramic coating for cars can be tricky if you do not have prior experience. Usually, the best way is to go to get a professional serviceman who will do the job for you. But, of course, if you are adventurous and want to apply the coating by yourself, you can do so in 7 easy steps.

Ceramic coating has risen to become arguably the best paint protector for cars and other solid surfaces. They are made with nanotechnology that confers water and dust repellent properties on the covered surface. Ceramic coatings have the advantage of a longer lifespan, as they can stay for over two years and even longer if well managed, depending on the brand and quality.

You have to get the best coating from your dealer or directly from the manufacturer and make sure it is the best for your car.

Let’s see the 5 steps you need to follow to apply the protective coating for cars:

Wash and clean your car:

You have to wash and clean every inch of your car’s exterior. Use washing agents that will remove grease, debris, and other dirt from the body. If there are hardened grime, simply scrape them off gently to avoid scratching.

Time to remove residual chemicals:

Simply spray an iron remover over the whole car and stand for some minutes. The iron will become visible via a purple color. You also have to use an oil and polish remover to clear any residual grease. Now rinse your vehicle.

Apply a clay bar:

A clay bar is a soft material that allows you to restore the original smoothness of the car surface. Claying removes any remaining contaminant and allows the ceramic coat to adhere.


Drying is essential. If any liquid is trapped beneath the ceramic coating, bubbles pockets can form and break much later. Use a blow-dryer to dry the car.

Apply the ceramic coating:

Add a primer first, then proceed to apply the ceramic coating. Add the coating to the microfiber pad, then apply it infirm, even, circular motions across every part of the car. Ensure to make the coating even on every side and allow the whole thing to dry.

You can apply the protective coating for cars any time, and rest assured that you are saving money and giving your vehicle a long time of glossy look.

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