Not all windshield damage requires an emergency visit to a repair shop. However, when you notice a chip or crack, you must evaluate the situation right away. If you have to take action, you must have the issue addressed sooner than later. A simple crack can grow wider or bigger when exposed to debris, dirt, and weather changes. Putting off a repair or a replacement will increase the possibility of serious damage. Before you contact an expert in auto glass repair in Phoenix or purchase a repair kit to fix the issues yourself, evaluate the factors below. Having more information about the damage to give to the repair specialist, the better they can assess the issue and help make you make the right decision.

Damage Size

The size of the damage will tell you whether your glass needs repair or replacement. If the specialist says a repair will do the trick, you can save a significant amount of money as replacements don’t come cheap. A chip that is smaller than a quarter or a crack smaller than four inches can be repaired.

Windshield Leak

You may not be able to see the damage in your windshield; however, after a night of rain or a run to the car wash, the damage will be visible. If your windshield leaks, this could be due to poor installation or cracks and chips in the windshield edges. Such cracks are the common reasons car owners go to a professional and get a repair. Consider testing out your windshield for leak and to the expert about what you find.

Legal Implications

Delaying a windshield repair job could be a breach of Phoenix or federal law. Check where the crack is situated on the windshield.  A crack above the steering wheel that is obstructing your ability to see outside of the car might be illegal. The law forbids anything that is obstructing your view, so make sure to address the problem right away.


You don’t want to shell out money for car repairs when you have insurance. However, if your coverage is minimal, you may need to pay a few hundred dollars for the repair. You can walk away from a windshield replacement without paying a dime; however, you might need to pay higher premiums to get the right coverage. Make sure to talk to your insurance company before booking an appointment to get your auto glass repaired or replaced.

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